February 2019

Nuclear Fusion 56 - CTFusion In Seattle, Washington Is Working On A DoE Grant To Create A Commercial Fusion Reactor

         CTFusion is a startup company in Seattle, Washington that was created in 2015 to commercialize fusion research at the University of Washington. It builds on almost thirty years of research and development at the U of W Helicity Injected Torus - Steady Inductive laboratory funded by U.S.

Trumps a big liar.

I had a feeling about Donald Trump.He’s a liar,and he negotiates with Russia.We all know now what he’s up to.First of all,he lied about being with a prostitute.And having sex with her,while he was in office.And having his lawyer Michael Cohen,lie for him.Plus having the check sent to the prostitute for $ 130,000.He needs to be sent to prison for at least 25 years.And his wife,I don’t think she was fully involved in this scandal.But his sons,who were working for him.they need to be sent to prison also.He thinks he’s smart,but his day in court is coming up.And as for His Lawyer Giuliani,he’s just as bad as he is.

Irish Drinks

St. Patrick's Day is quickly approaching, and while many of us already have delicious favorite drinks we're looking forward to enjoying, there's always something new to mix up and try. For example, have you ever thought to mix a Bailey's Mint Martini? Adding some Creme de Menthe to Bailey's is so simple, yet I've never even considered the idea. Now I want one right now!

Leprechaun Shots

If you're Irish American, I'd first like to suggest you look up a few more meaningful holidays to celebrate instead of, or at least in addition to, St. Patrick's Day. We pretty much just use every holiday as an excuse to get drunk here in the States, but if that's your thing, why not enjoy some fun themed drinks while you're at it? You can't deny that these adorable leprechaun shots are tempting to try.

Got a Fever?

In an age where everyone considers themselves a doctor after reading a few news reports (and simultaneously, totally discounting the fact much modern research is flawed, biased or both) or Web MD articles, I'm hesitant to offer any sort of medical opinion, but I think most people have heard that fevers are usually a good thing.

Step Outside and Get Shot

That headline sounds like an international travel warning against coming to America where, let's face it, people love their guns more than they love children or their families, but it's actually in relation to what happens to protected wildlife at Yellowstone National Park if they step a foot outside the park. That's what happened to poor Spitfire, a gorgeous wolf who was well-known at the park for many years before some trophy hunter just took her out last year.

Beth's Cafe

No matter what time of day you're in the mood for an omelette, you can get one at Beth's Cafe in Seattle. They are well-known for their "small" size, which features a whopping SIX eggs, or the large, which is double that! A dozen eggs in an omelette? You'll be full for days. Beth's is a great pre-fasting restaurant! Not only that, but hashbrowns are all you can eat, which may not work if you're watching the carbs but if you're in the mood for starchy goodness, why not?

Hat Patterns

If you're a knitter or if you crochet, you already know what kind of joy you can get not only out of having a craft and hobby you can do just about anywhere while watching TV or chatting with friends, but also the satisfaction you can get by giving loved ones gifts that you made yourself. Luckily you also live in the age of the Internet where you have access to neverending plans and supplies!

New Dwarf Species Discovered

I don't think I'll ever get tired of new animals being discovered, will you? With recent news reports coming in about everything from mass extinctions of large animals to insects pretty much being wiped out within the next hundred years or so, I'll take every new species I can get. This new dwarf species of frog found in Ethiopia is both a welcome find and a cutie!

Logic Land

As many times as we see those tedious sheets listing logical fallacies being passed around Facebook so strangers on the Internet think they win an argument, you'd think we'd all be experts at logical thinking by now. Just in case that, too, is a logical fallacy (it is), you can also try to learn (and teach) some logic with games like Logic Land.

The Cables Under The Sea

Did you know that there are a bunch of undersea cables that we're all currently relying on in order for us to have Intenet access? Whether or not you did, you may not have realized how vulnerable these cables happen to be. Tonga, a country that has access to just one cable, recently experienced a severe blackout, making us realize just how dangerous it is to have anything happen to these vital cables.