November 2018

Campaign for Democrats

Dear Former President Obama, I would like to know being a former president how is it that you campaign for the Democratic Party. I believe that there has been no other President that has done that.
Also with the Obamacare working people who have health insurance, that would be taken away? With no choice for them to make for theme. What I really want to know is how this works and how is it paid for? Where does the money come from?

Turkey Recipes!

If you're cooking a big meal this Thanksgiving and expect a bunch of leftovers, now is the time to start planning your leftover menus! From bones to broth to everything in between, there's no reason for anything to go to waste when it comes to your big meal. Here are a few fun ideas for those leftovers.

Turkey soup! This warm dish is just what you need to ward off the chill, and if you've got snow on the way it's the perfect meal to keep your family fed and toasty.

Cranberry Cocktails

If you make your own cranberry sauce, more power to you: I like it store-bought and homemade for different reasons, and both can be used after the holiday for everything from quesadilla sauce (seriously, turkey quesadillas are amazing) to, of course, cocktails!

Help Stop Malaria

No, you may not be able to cure or even treat malaria patients, but you could really help prevent infections in a really easy and inexpensive way. Donating mosquito netting to people who live in malaria-heavy areas is one of my favorite ways to take part in Giving Tuesday (or any other time!) because it's one I know helps people and it's something I can afford to do. Mosquito netting helps keep bugs off people and away from infecting them, which sounds too simple to be true but it works!

Baby Horse Hooves are Creepy

If you've never seen a set of foal hooves right after a baby horse has been born, do yourself a favor and click here, but be warned: it's VERY weird. Seasoned farmers and ranch hands are all, "Well, duh," but the rest of us are just stunned to see what the hooves look like before their protective covering, called the deciduous hoof capsule, is worn down from the animals' first steps.

DIY Christmas Crackers

Every year, I say I'm going to make some fun Christmas crackers to celebrate the season in an English sort of way, and every year I forget or run out of time and we never do it. This year, I don't know if I'm going to buy or make my own, but I'm going to try to do one of the two! The benefits of buying them are that you get professionally-made crackers and you don't have to plan ahead to make them or gather supplies, of course, but if you make your own, you get to customize them on a personal level, which is more important to me. 

Just Say No to Trump's Birth Control Rules

When it comes to medicine, things should be left to the experts, in which most cases include the medical team and the person whose body is in question and knows said body best. Your employer, the government, and everyone in between has zero say on whether or not you get your tonsils removed, get breast augmentation or laser surgery on your eyes, so why in the heck would they have a say on whether or not you can get birth control on "moral grounds?" That's what Trump and co are trying to make happen, even though federal courts have already ruled that it's not legal. 

Customer Finds Frog in Salad

When a customer finds something fishy (or, in this case, froggy) in food that was made to-go, it raises your eyebrow. It's not like finding it there in the store, where it would be difficult, although not impossible, to sneak it in for suing purposes, and you always wonder whether or not the person has any credibility. That's what modern, sue-happy culture has done to us jaded Americans.

Shadows in the Dark

Glow in the dark dice, magical creatures, a glowing lantern... what is there to not love about Shadows in the Dark? This is the game that I hope to get for the holidays! I LOVE activities in the dark; my family and I made our own tin can lanterns to take full moon walks together each month. There's something so hygge about a glowing light in the dark, and something symbolic, too... and now there's this cool game!

Family Guy Redesigns

Character redesigns are all the rage and Family Guy is no exception. Fans are taking to their favorite mediums, creating cool new mashups or original takes on Peter, Lois, Brian, Stewie, Meg, Chris and the rest of the Family Guy gang. From Sailor Moon to Assassin's Creed, Star Wars to My Little Pony, there's a mashup between Family Guy and just about any fandom you could ever dream up.

Best Thai in Seattle

I've been on a Thai food kick for about a year now and you can blame my best friends, who made me go out during one of our "mom's nights," and I've been craving it ever since. I've had it a handful of times since then and I only want it spicier (complete with a Thai tea) every time. 

Healing Through Poetry

When I was 12 years old, my paternal grandmother died of cancer. It was the first death in my life that, while not unexpected, really shook me to my core, instilling a heavy sense of loss and grief. I remember writing so many poems, one of which was read at her funeral, and feeling more connected to her, as if my words could somehow reach her that way since I could no longer speak to her.

Organic Roasts From Brandless

With so many different places to buy coffee today, it's overwhelming choosing which brand to buy. I like trying out new kinds of fair trade coffee that I can also afford, which can sometimes be tricky! So far my favorite kind is Laughing Man, but I know there are so many other varieties out there that I could try something every day and never sample them all.