July 2010

Fourth of July Songs

Call me crazy, but I thought that the playing of the “1812 Overature” was very patriotic in the film V for Vendetta. I would never advocate destroying a building personally, but V’s actions in the film were stemmed out of true patriotism for his country—and for his people. Before anyone wants my child to learn “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” which actually makes fun of our nation (and really, rightly so on some accounts; you can love your country while still acknowledging its flaws and working to improve them, after all; that’s what patriotism is about, not blind adoration), I’d much rather her hear Tchaikovsky’s creation.

Here are some other patriotic tunes you might want to play during your July 4th festivities.

“Born in the USA”

The Boss’s strong lyrics remind us, once again, that no nation is perfect, and that we should always strive to improve our nation.