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Twilight Ruins “Clair de Lune”

Since the translation of “Clair de Lune” is “moonlight,” I guess it’s only natural that they included it in the Twilight series. I guess. But given the fact that I have so much disdain for the series—which was originally just mild annoyance, but somehow grew into enormous contempt—and I used to be in love with the Claude Debussy short but oh so sweet movement, it’s somehow super offensive.

I think it’s probably one of the many overused musical movements in television and film—nowhere near the level of, say, “Moonlight Sonata,” which, for some reason, reminds me of Philadelphia, or “Fur Elise,” which was used in just about every creepy movie for several years; but still, used often enough to where people know what it is.

But I’m still left feeling like I feel with the word “twilight,” anyway; like I can’t say it anymore, or use it in my writing, or even think of the word without conjuring to mind the stupid sparkly series. I guess I should be bigger than that—both the word and the song are too beautiful to be tainted in such a way—but I just can’t help myself. Like Cartman’s Trapper Keeper, it’s just too big.